4 seasons to discover our animals

At spring

It’s a great time to visit the park, as nature emerges from its winter dormancy, vegetation grows, flowers appear, birds sing and felines begin their courtship rituals… For monkeys and lemurs, the end of winter is often the sign of the year’s first babies.
Spring is also the time when felines begin to bask in the sun and shed their heavy winter coats. An interesting period of transition in more ways than one… But be sure to arrive as soon as it opens, or stay until the end of the day to see the active felines.



In summer

Summer is also a great time to visit the park. The newborns become more skilful and progress in their learning. Climbing trees and playing are their leitmotivs. However, visitors must be vigilant: depending on the temperature, the felines may be better off hiding from the sun. So it’s best to take advantage of the early afternoon, when the carnivores are less active, to discover the optional Terre de Singes tour, then return to complete the visit to Lumigny Safari Reserve from 3pm.
Other afternoon activities include a lemur snack, Trans’Félins or 4D cinema.

In autumn

It’s a popular time of year for the park’s many season ticket holders. The drop in temperature has a positive effect on the animals’ behavior: they become more active. They’re easier to see than in summer, and the babies of the year are more self-confident and spend a lot of time playing in the open. This is THE best time to see baby felines.
The animals are also getting ready for winter, as they start to eat more to build up their winter fur.




In winter

It’s the time to come and see the superb winter coats of snow panthers, lynxes, Siberian tigers and wild cats…
What’s more, contrary to popular belief, even lions and panthers are easily visible in winter, as there are no leaves on the trees or vegetation on the ground. They don’t fear the cold, eating twice as much food as in summer to build up their fat reserves and fluffy coats. Small felines and lemurs stay warm.


  • Be observant

Felines are kings of camouflage– they can be anywhere! Look everywhere: in bushes, between rocks, under shelters.

  • Enjoy the moment

Take the time to stroll through the park, and you’ll be able to witness special moments in the lives of felines (courtship, mating, play, hunting…). Felines are great sleepers, and their siesta lasts longer in the heat… So don’t be surprised if the felines are in full repose on sunny days!

  • Retrace your steps

Don’t hesitate to go back and observe the species that was invisible, or your favorite feline, as animals rarely do the same thing all day long…

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