Job offer : indefinite-term contract Animal keeper

Job offer: Educational animator season 2024

Job offer: Attraction operator season 2024

Internship offer: Animal trainees

Internship offer: Educational animator season 2024

Zoological parks employ a wide range of professionals. In addition to directors, there are veterinarians, curators, animal caretakers, maintenance staff (with skills in earthmoving, masonry, landscaping, etc.), entertainers, reception staff, accountants, catering staff and communications personnel.

Depending on the establishment, its size and the number of visitors, certain professional categories are represented, while others are not.

For more details on animal-related professions and the training required to work with animals, click below.


Animal-related professions

Over the past few years, we’ve received an increasing number of requests from young people wishing to discover the animal industry during their compulsory 3rd grade internships. For safety reasons, and in view of the dangerous nature of the animals housed in our park, we are unable to accept minors for animal-related internships. We can, however, advise you to contact animal shelters near you, which may be able to accommodate your teenagers.
If you’re passionate about working with animals and are looking for career opportunities in this field, visit our recruitment page to discover more job offers in the animal care professions, consult jooble


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