Discover in our park 26 of the 36 surviving Felines’ species on our planet. In total, it’s more than 160 felines who are living in large and natural enclosures.

From Europe to Asia, going through America and Africa, you will be surprised by the famous white tigers and will be able to admire the grace of the snow panthers, ocelots or Siberian bobcat.

In the center of the park, the lemur safari invites you to discover more than 60 of these little primates evolving in complete liberty in an island of 1 hectare. Go meet them and attend their snack! You will have an unforgettable time!

In addition to its 5 pedestrian circuits, the Parc des Félins offers you a commented train visit! Come aboard the Trans’Félins and discover another view of our pensionaries to enjoy the park even more.

Unmissable, our 3D cinema Tigrrr…! Experience the adventures of a family of tigers!

Finally, don’t forget to visit the mini-farm,

an unavoidable place for children and adults where goats and other domestic animals frolic in an accessible by everyone enclosure all day long. Do not hesit to visit them, they love cuddles!

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Land of Safaris !

Land of Safaris

21 hectares of surface area | 300 animals | 1 catering points

An optional tour of the Lumigny Safari Reserve, the Terre de Singes tour is an additionnal circuit giving you access to over 300 additional animals.

On this tour, you'll see the impressive geladas, wander around the magot forest and discover numerous species of new-world monkeys. This extraordinary place is also the setting for an extraordinary encounter at the Saïmiri Safari, an immersive zone where you can observe some fifty of these mischievous little primates evolving freely around you.

The Terre de Singes tour also immerses you in a world of a thousand colors with two additional Safari areas:

Parrot Safari: Enter our huge aviary and discover Macaws, Parakeets and Amazons flying freely at full speed overhead. In all, over 150 colorful birds to discover.
Lorikeet Safari: Discover our second immersive aviary and meet the Rainbow Lorikeet, famous for its bright colors. Come and experience the Safari Loriquets and watch, participate and experience the thrill of feeding these birds by hand.

To help you to know and understand our residents better, our eco'guides will be on hand several times a day to offer guided feedings.
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