Observing the animals in nature is one the prettiest rewards of life to our eyes. It is what we want to transmit you, our park was conceived in this way. We invite you to become active watchers ctifs able to enjoy the moments of life of our felines. By taking your time, you could have the luck to see acrobatics, mating or a mother raising its children. Unforgettable! Here, no staging nor shows annoying the felines. It’s not necessary to appreciate their beauty. On the contrary, they can convey false ideas to the visitors and be harmful for them !

The park is located in a vast wooded domain and we offer you a real walk in nature where numerous species of birds and small mammals live all year.

Here, we advocate the respect of nature, the park is lightly maintained and we respect its ecosystem. No abusive mowing, no unreasonable cut, no massive chopping, no weeding… We keep the “weeds” to conserve the totality of the realm’s biodiversity.


At Lumigny Safari Reserve, we conceived vast natural enclosures to respect the animal’s well-being and favor the their natural behaviors’ expression.

These enclosures surround nature’s spots and animals find all the important elements of their daily life. They can express their territorial behaviors and have trees, branches, promontories, water points, hideouts and shelters. Here, no concrete nor iron fences!

By coming to Lumigny Safari Reserve, you will discover an establishment offering among the best captivity’s conditions in the world for its pensionaries!

The animals are not our propriety, they belong to the world natural heritage. We host them and they reproduce here within the framework of the European and Internationals Breeding Programs (EEP, ESB).


The children born in the park are never sold, they only are given or lent to other parks in order to create new breeding couples and ensure to the maximum the genetic variability of the species.

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